JULY 23-25, 2021

Solberg Airport - Readington, NJ 973 882 5464

Countdown to Festival Fun


Until the 2020
 Quick Chek New Jersey
Festival of Ballooning!



Sponsorship Information

Why Sponsor the New Jersey Lottery Festival of Ballooning?
- No other event in the Tri-State area offers the VALUE we do: We offer it to our patrons and we pride ourselves in offering it to our corporate partners.
- No other event in the Tri-State area has the SHEER NUMBERS we do:(approximately 175,000 potential customers) interacting with your product or service.
- No other event in the Tri-State area ENGAGES PATRONS for an average of 7.5 HOURS giving partners a tremendous experiential opportunity to sample, sell and brand their products and services.
- No other event in the Tri-State area receives the amount of positive pre-event, on-site and post event MEDIA COVERAGE that we do and your company will be able to capitalize on that.
- No other event in the Tri-State area can claim the “SKY IS THE LIMIT” with regard to marketing opportunities like branded balloon banners as “flying billboards”.
Click here to request information – please remember the more information you give us the more information we can give you.
Better yet, pick up the phone.  After all, wouldn’t you like to say you spoke to someone who sells “hot air” for a living today!!!!
- Corporate Partnerships
-Mobile Marketing/Sampling
-Marquee/Exhibitor Space
- Balloon Sponsorships
- Corporate Hospitality
- Group Sales 
                                            Call Howard Freeman at (973) 882-5464  or email [email protected]